7 Ways To Become A Cliche

I think I might be one.  If you think you are too, here are the warning signs:

Your job is all you can talk about.  Until you become a boring stresshead to your friends.  You know, the people who knew you before you got the job.  The people who know you are indeed American, but you haven’t really lived there for 17 years, so your Americaness is well, no BFD.

You’re sitting in your jacket and scarf and boots.  With your badge flashing a strained smile around your neck.  This would have been fine, or at least OK.  Except you’re in your living-room, where you’ve been for an hour.

You unwind from a hard week by:

a.  Drinking with friends and showing off photographic evidence of it.

2.  Listening to Garth Brooks at full blast.

iii. Catching up with Dr Phil and counting the ways aforementioned stressful job may be affecting your relationship.  One reason being your long-suffering, but not really you hope, partner has to make the dinner.

d.  Taking a book and some chocolate to the bath.  Where you may or may not pretend you are advertising Calgon.

79.  All of the above.





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