2012: The Books I Lived With This Year

Goodreads says I've read 49 books this year.  That would be a painful number, if I wasn't taking a reading break from the 5oth to share my top 10 for 2012, in some semblance of order: The Snow Child The History of Love The Panopticon The Story Sisters The Invisible Circus Dandelion Wine The Night … Continue reading 2012: The Books I Lived With This Year


2012: The Year That Was

I began 2012 feeling out of sorts. We came home from a party in the dark. Left the house for dinner the next day, in the dark. Mostly about why my left ring finger was still naked. Seriously, though. I felt bad that we slept through January 1st. As I sat backwards on the bus … Continue reading 2012: The Year That Was

A Certain Rite of Passage

Yesterday marked 6 months until the wedding.  Sarge and I celebrated by opening some sparkly from the engagement party and watching a double-bill of The Usual Suspects and Mixed Nuts.  Guess which one was my choice. And. We were also toasting the the fact that I quit my job on Friday.  Although I prefer the … Continue reading A Certain Rite of Passage

7 Ways To Become A Cliche

I think I might be one.  If you think you are too, here are the warning signs: Your job is all you can talk about.  Until you become a boring stresshead to your friends.  You know, the people who knew you before you got the job.  The people who know you are indeed American, but … Continue reading 7 Ways To Become A Cliche