Don’t Wake Up In Kansas

My mother lives on Long Island (My accent changes when I speak to her but that may be another post.)

Last week, she said ‘a storm is brewing, but it won’t be as bad as a hurricane.’  Today, I awoke to news reports of the East Coast closing off and shutting down.  I got worried.  Part of me wanted to be back there (it happens occasionally), stocking up on batteries and board games like everyone else.

As a kid, storms and power-outages were fun for me.   A break from routine.  The radio and ghost stories.  In shadows, but happy.  Even my parents were nice to each other, as I went from one house to the other during a particularly bad storm.  I remember Dad had electricity, Mom didn’t.

Anyway, good times.

Now, I worry a little more.

I called my mother earlier tonight, to see if she was prepared for Hurricane Sandy.

‘They closed the roads, the tunnels, everything.  The lights are flickering.  But I’ve got the flashlight and the radio.  I’m good.  If it gets wild up here, I can go downstairs.  Or I’ll go to bed.’

‘Just don’t wake up in Kansas,’ I said.

‘That’ll be one way to fix up the house.’

And so, dear readers, don’t wake up in Kansas.  Unless you live there.  East coasters, stay there and stay safe.  And play a board game for me.


9 thoughts on “Don’t Wake Up In Kansas

  1. The mac ‘n cheese is still warm from the oven. The freshly made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies are safely in the tin. Gallons of water & tons of batteries fill the closet. The cards are out & me and my girl have been playing spit & war and garbage. It’s all good. It’s a wee bit more than a storm brewing but it’s all good. 🙂

  2. I spend a lot of my workday referring calls to a New York office and then telling them that they will have to wait at least until tomorrow to call. The office was closed due to Sandy.

  3. “Unless you live there” – because if you DID and you now don’t, you’re in trouble.
    I spent the whole evening worrying about internet friends with my parents going, “But it’s a long way away, it’s not our problem.” Apparently, internet friends in New York aren’t worth worrying about. Right. Erm, no.

  4. Wow. This brought back loads of memories of Hurricane Gloria, when I sat outside with my parents, brother, friends and neighbors, amidst chaos and destruction. Some trees had fallen and we were all without power, but at seven, it really did seem like the biggest adventure huddling together candles, playing cards. Bizarrely, it brought our small suburban New Jersey community together, as these crises often do.

    Most of my family spread some what far and wide in the Northeast have been without power for the last few days, my South Jersey cousins apparently faring the worst. My heart goes out to all of them. Lovely post.

    1. I was thinking about Gloria as I wrote this. I was 4, but I remember weird bits of it.

      Mom just called, she’s back on. Still waiting for some cousins to check in. Hope your family are OK!

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