When Lorna Met Netflix

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Last week, Sarge wandered into the bedroom, where I was reading and minding my own business.

‘I just bought something,’ he said.

‘What?’  I expected him to name some official noise-making device with numbers on the end of it.

‘You’re going to hate me.  You’re never going to speak to me again.  It’s terrible.’


‘I got an internet TV box.  Blah, blah, blah (some numbers).  And it has Netflix.’

I looked at him over my book.  ‘It has what now?’


‘Real Netflix?’

‘Aye, and some fake ones as well.’

‘You’re kidding.  Don’t toy with me, dude.  I have PMS.’

You see, I have been voting that we get some sort cable TV for years.  It would have saved us money on movie tickets and allowed me to join in on some conversations at work when I had a job.

We couldn’t get Sky because Sarge is diametrically opposed to Rupert Murdoch.   I’ve forgotten why we couldn’t hook up Virgin TV.  But still, it was one vote for and one against cable TV of any kind.  And the cat’s gone, so there was no tie-breaker.

And so, when Sarge came in and said ‘Netflix’ and ‘we have’ in the same sentence, I might have said, ‘You love me, you really love me.’

The first day it was here, I forgot we had it.  Since then, I have watched the following:


The Deep End of the Ocean – I believe I borrowed the book version from my mother, it’s so old.

Return To Me – I actually have this movie, but the disk was scratched by someone who wasn’t me before I got to watch it.  Now I have.  And I’d forgotten how much I like Bonnie Hunt.

Mallrats – Because I like Kevin Smith.  And why not?

Everybody’s Fine – This was one I wanted to see in the cinema, but didn’t.  Deeper than I expected, but good.

TV Shows:

Lilyhammer – on BBC iPlayer.  Nice to catch-up on a screen that isn’t my laptop.  This one is helping me deal with The Sopranos withdrawal while adding another of my favourites, Norway.

Weeds – Suggested by my Mom, ages ago.  Haven’t gotten further than the pilot.

Modern Family – Three episodes in, and this could be my new favourite show.

Damages – Glenn Close is more scary than she was in Fatal Attraction.  Rose Byrne is less annoying than she was in Bridesmaids.  Full of win.

The Killing – 10 minutes of the Danish one, and 5 minutes of the American one, to figure out yes, they are that alike.

Fear not, I’m still reading and writing and job-searching.  Next month, I even get to go back to school.   In my pajamas.

But for tonight, Sarge and I have a date with Breaking Bad.

Are there any other shows or movies I should be catching up with, now that I can?


14 thoughts on “When Lorna Met Netflix

  1. I’ve started Breaking Bad, too!
    In our house, Netflix gets used almost exclusively for Dora, but that’s because we live with a tiny dictator. But soon it will be maternity leave time and if I remember correctly, new babies nap A LOT!

  2. When my friend MacGyver hooked up my Netflix through the Wii, he and his wife recommended Answer Man . I really like Jeff Daniels, so Answer Man it was. It’s my Netflix go-to if someone’s over who hasn’t seen it.

    I’ll have to try your list, too.

  3. I have a habit of buying too many TV box sets for real life 🙂 Currently watching series four Supernatural (I’m four series behind, I know) and series three Doctor Who (I missed a lot of it at the time). Also hankering after the Avengers on DVD.

  4. oh my word….modern family…yup! And Breaking Bad…it is the shiz! It took me a few episodes to get into it because it just seemed gory but the characters get developed so much in later series and there are some pretty funny (dark humour) moments. One of the best series I have ever watched!

  5. Seeing as I’m an ocean away, I was terribly excited last night to discover that Netflix now has season two of Sherlock. So I re-watched episode 3 of season one as it dove-tailed into episode 1 of season two. Tonight I will watch the next one. If I have a lot of self-control, I’ll try to save the last one for Saturday night. But I may not.

  6. We got rid of cable a couple of years ago and now we just watch Netflix and Hulu. Lots of good stuff available 🙂 I’m partial to Doctor Who, but it’s a bit harder to come by over here. I recommend the shows “Better off Ted” and “Arrested Development.” Full of fast-paced banter.

  7. I love that one of your first Netflix films was Mallrats. That is definitely my favorite Kevin Smith.
    As far as recommendations the Doctor Who David Tennant series are so good. And I’ve heard the Matt Smith series is good too but haven’t gotten that far. What about Mad Men? It’s kind of brilliant.

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