The Answer Is Yes

Finally, there exists a Shit People Say to People With Disabilities video:

When I was single, and I got ‘the sex question’ as an unsuccessful pickup line, the conversation would go something like this:

Moron:  Can you have sex?

Me:  Yes, but if you have to ask, I won’t be having it with you.


16 thoughts on “The Answer Is Yes

  1. I think, if memory serves me, that someone once asked if my guidedog helps me have sex.
    Seriously. This shit writes itself.

  2. Lorna, this had me chuckling since it depicts what a pain it is to deal with stupidity. Really, can you tell me where the smart people have gone? Enlighten me and give me hope for personkind! 🙂

    1. I s’pose this is the part where I say that when Sarge and I were choosing quotes for our wedding invites, we arm-wrestled for one of them. I got carried away, and forgot to let him win.

  3. What? No head patting?
    You have probably also heard “Did you have an accident?” and “Will you get better?”, and “How long have you been like this?”, and “You are so brave!” (How do they know that?). Hat’s off to all those who either exercise restraint and mountains of courtesy – or, conversely, come up with great responses like yours!
    Allison (pusher of partner’s wheelchair). (“Yes, do you want details?”)

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