10 Reasons I Love Pinterest

1.  It complements my healthy-eating plan.  When I’m eating grapes or rice-cakes and therefore hungry, it helps to re-pin cake recipes.

2.  I can keep wedding ideas together without glue or paper-cuts.

3.  It’s a source of my daily Zen.

4.  And sometimes it tells me what to do next.

5.  It’s shown my that broken books can be beautiful.

6.  It tells me I’m not the only one.

7.  If I pin a project, I might actually try it.

8.  It helps me visualise.

9.  It’s trying to entice me to eat vegetables.

10.  And I can pin all of the above without jabbing my fingers, dropping the pin, driving over it and getting a flat tire.  It’s accessible that way.

How do you use Pinterest?


16 thoughts on “10 Reasons I Love Pinterest

  1. I am a pinterest stalker. My job – which I do from the comfort of my living room – involves lots of tedium, so I take a few runs through the overly-long “page” of pins. I don’t know why I don’t have an account. Probably the same reason I refuse to install Facebook on my phone.

      1. For what it’s worth, my husband agrees with you and barely contains his eye-rolling at my paranoia 😉 He just doesn’t understand why I have FB and am on Pinterest, but won’t create an account or give up my phone number. I guess it’s my small way of not conforming.

  2. I still haven’t figured out the point of Pinterest. Maybe because I’m not that big into photos and don’t have the patience for scrap-booking…. (Or counted cross-stitch, but that’s completely unrelated…)

  3. I’m so sad that I had my wedding before Pinterest! I see all these awesome things and feel weird about repinning them, haha. I’m such an addict.

    I like to look at the ‘humor’ section when I need a laugh. There’s always something inappropriately funny there 😉

    By the way, I followed you. If you’re interested… http://pinterest.com/86thetomato/

  4. I love Pinterest for many of the same reasons you listed (except the wedding stuff since I’ve been married almost 27 years). I also love seeing what my friends and family are pinning. I have actually made some of the items I have pinned. Plus it’s an excellent mindless way to unwind after a difficult day.

  5. i also LOVE Pinterest, and also many of the reasons you listed except the wedding stuff because like Nancy I’ve been married a few years. It’s that thing about a picture being worth a thousand words. Of all social media, it is my favourite. I think of it as a treat and would spend way more time if i had it! I also like the fact there’s no obligation to make a comment. Great post 🙂

    1. I posted this when I pinned my 500th pin! In all that, I think I’ve traded comments with two people I don’t know from elsewhere. But it’s such a welcoming place, anyway. You can tell a lot about a person from what they like!

      It’s also helped with character sketches as well.

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