Tea And Technology


This was taken at Loopy Lorna’s  Tea House.  No, not my house.  I’m more a coffee person.  Sarge and I were taking a break from wedding cake shopping.  Sarge was timing the brew using the stop-watch on his mobile phone.

I was highly amused.

Do you drink tea or coffee?  How do you take it?

Do you use technology in interesting ways?


19 thoughts on “Tea And Technology

  1. I love coffee, but caffeine is not my friend (and tea has caffeine, too, right?).

    I think that tech stuff is folding into our lives and becoming a part of every part of it. I am old enough to remember “before” and simply said … today’s technology is extraordinary.

  2. Oh girl, you know it’s coffee for me all the way. Although I confess that I also drink tea throughout the day. I’m a caffeine junkie any way you look at it! I have to say, I love the crocheted tea pot cover and that flowered tea cup…sigh. I’m a romantic girl at heart! 🙂

  3. Tea is my hot beverage of choice – since I was a teenager. And I’ve always taken it the “English” way with milk (although I sweeten it with honey). And my all-time favorite treat in the world is high tea – complete with scones with (good) clotted Devon cream, finger sandwiches (with the crusts cut off, of course) and a tiered tray of mini cakes. Ah, heaven on earth!

  4. I like your tea cosy! I drink both tea and coffee. Coffee just with milk, tea with milk and sugar. But I can’t say I’m as high tech as Sarge–I usually just approximate when my tea has steeped sufficiently.

  5. I dislike coffee but love the smell of good coffee. Being in the States, that Starbucks stuff is the worst. It tastes all burnt and horrid. If I’m really in need of something to keep me awake, I’ll drink coffee. Once I put 10 – 12 packs of creamer and 8-ish packs of sugar in it. If I have milk handy, I do about half milk, have coffee, and a ton of sugar. I’m an example of the saying, “Would you like a little coffee with that cream and sugar?”

    I know I should learn to love black coffee. It has amazing health benefits if straight. It is now rumored to help with weight loss too. I just can’t stomach it.

    Tea is my love. More white, red, or herbal. A very few greens, and more than a few blacks. The blacks need lots of sugar. I love a good breakfast tea with cream and sugar. I can use less sugar or sweetner with the whites and herbals.

    I don’t time the darker teas and occassionally over brew my black teas. This may be part of my over use of sugar with black teas. With the whites, I count it out and watch the color. I’m not fond of green teas but have had a few I liked and I usually brew them more like a white tea than a black.

    I have never had a problem with overbrewing reds and herbals. It makes them stonger without the bitter taste that true tea developes. So if I get distracted and forget to keep an eye on it, there is no harm or foul.

    At this moment, I’m having a cup of Honeysuckle White Tea. My all time favorite is Good Hope Vanilla red tea.

  6. I drink my coffee and tea Black, like, my Mom, Dad, Sister, and Brother-in-law. However I always had to put cream on the table, when I married your Uncle Don, who after 54 years, sometimes drinks his coffee black. Haha Love Aunt Nancy xoxoxo

  7. I don’t drink tea, I went off it when I was pregnant over 23 years ago and never got back into it, but i do drink black coffee! I started drinking black coffee to lose weight – I know, seems silly, but I also stopped eating butter too and it did help for a wee while! I digress! Your afternoon tea looks lovely! I especially like the unique crocheted tea cosy ;o) As for technology, I am a ‘handy’ measurement sort of person, so would never have timed a brew when I did take tea. Oh, but I do drink Camomile tea, and as far as I know, if you leave Camomile tea to brew for too long it becomes a stimulant instead of a relaxant. Anyone know if this is true? Cheers from Leith, the home of many a splendid greasy spoon 😉

  8. If its not brewed (coffee) at 7/11 by the owner (Raj) and I’m at home, I just plop a K-Cup into my coffee Machine and instant bug juice. However when I was a Cop in Brooklyn, New York, they had installed a coffee machine that let you see the whole process from the bean grind to the end product….Coffee. Had a great flavor too, that was until one Morning I put my Coins in and the machine lit up and as I looked inside, saw hundreds of little Cockroaches running for cover. So much for that great roasted flavor.

  9. Lorna,
    I thought I’d say hi after we got acquainted during the Blogroll Contest! Coffee… I can’t go a day with it. It is indeed an addiction, but a black cup of good java is such a delicious addiction to nourish… I will although enjoy a cup of Earl Grey in the afternoon, again, no milk nor sugar. This was an enjoyable post.
    Le Clown

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