Is This Real Life?

I pride myself on the fact that I’m not really a Bridezilla.  I’ve been quite laid-back about this whole wedding thing, and actually more into the whole being married thing.  Bring that on. A few months ago, I did have a blip about envelopes, of all things.  And then I got over myself. Other than … Continue reading Is This Real Life?


When Lorna Met Netflix

Last week, Sarge wandered into the bedroom, where I was reading and minding my own business. 'I just bought something,' he said. 'What?'  I expected him to name some official noise-making device with numbers on the end of it. 'You're going to hate me.  You're never going to speak to me again.  It's terrible.' 'Whut?' … Continue reading When Lorna Met Netflix

10 Reasons I Love Pinterest

1.  It complements my healthy-eating plan.  When I'm eating grapes or rice-cakes and therefore hungry, it helps to re-pin cake recipes. 2.  I can keep wedding ideas together without glue or paper-cuts. 3.  It's a source of my daily Zen. 4.  And sometimes it tells me what to do next. 5.  It's shown my that … Continue reading 10 Reasons I Love Pinterest

Tea And Technology

This was taken at Loopy Lorna's  Tea House.  No, not my house.  I'm more a coffee person.  Sarge and I were taking a break from wedding cake shopping.  Sarge was timing the brew using the stop-watch on his mobile phone. I was highly amused. Do you drink tea or coffee?  How do you take it? … Continue reading Tea And Technology