Two Years Of Shots

Today is Gin & Lemonade’s second birthday.  My move from Glasgow to Edinburgh is not so recent any more and I no longer have a cat who thinks she’s a dog.  I don’t even have a boyfriend, because he’s now my fiance.

A few days after I posted my first blog birthday post, I dumped some coffee on Hemingway and he left meAnd then he came back.  Since then things have gotten weird and more weird.

While I’m still trying to make the world a more accessible place, it isn’t my day job any more.  I’m looking for another one of those. But I still think Shakespeare is overrated.

This has been an interesting year, so far.  I proposed to Sarge, and then my Dad got cancer.  Dad celebrated our engagement by wearing a beard hat and burning stuff.  Including cancer cells.  And I missed my grandparents.  Some things never change.

Sarge and I went venue shopping, and tried to make our own invitations.  The only thing we made was a mess.  We sent away for them, and Dad might be writing them out as I type.

So, that happened.  And I blogged about it.  I’d like to thank you for being there to celebrate with me, worry with me, and celebrate again.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Most posts start out in notebooks. These are full. Time for new ones.

23 thoughts on “Two Years Of Shots

  1. Anniversaries are so much fun – and then will be the wedding anniversaries too. I think you should light up a sparkler and have a gin and lemonade for this one!

  2. Happy blogoversary. I hope your dad is faring well. What a full life, and your blog reflects it. As I catch up on posts, I realize all over again how much I appreciate your wonderful fresh voice.

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