How To Save Money For A Wedding

As I write this, there are 290 days, 23 hours and 49 minutes to go until Sarge and I stick a hyphen between our last names.  Because this is an equal relationship. We have been ‘trying to save money for the wedding’ since we got engaged.  Having said that, Sarge recently admitted he’d been carrying … Continue reading How To Save Money For A Wedding


On The Road: The Nerdy Backpackers

‘We look like a couple of nerdy backpackers.’ ‘That’s because we are.’ On Monday, Sarge and I went to Newcastle (ish) to visit a friend of mine from University (the first one). She was the friend from this post and featured in the beginning of this one. Through no fault of our own we’d seen … Continue reading On The Road: The Nerdy Backpackers

The Oma Does Edinburgh

You may remember that we have a house guest. We've taken him out with us almost everywhere since his arrival. Here is photographic evidence of The Oma’s adventures so far: Hugging some cider at Sofi's: Offering me a rose. Possibly drunk here: Zombie coffee is good for hangovers: More coffee at Artisan Roast.  He appreciated … Continue reading The Oma Does Edinburgh

Those Fascinating Things

Sarge and I sent a few overseas and faraway invitations on Saturday.  We went across the street to the post office, with me actually praying that I wouldn’t drop them. We arrived safely at the post office and with each PAR AVION stamp applied; I dug my nails deeper into his shirt.  This was not … Continue reading Those Fascinating Things

Orchids And Violets

Wednesday was the start of Edinburgh's Festival(s) season.  Naturally, Sarge and I left town.  We loaded my lap up with the box of wedding invitations, balanced my Dad's birthday present on top of the box and went down-hill to the train station.  Narrowly missing the heels of some tourists along the way.  Nipping a tourist … Continue reading Orchids And Violets