Reading Through The Stacks: Loyalty To Books

I’ve read 31 books this year. And started countless others.

Recent complete reads have been:

The Magicians

To me, this is Harry Potter on speed mixed with The Never-Ending Story. Maybe that’s just me. But it did end. And now I have to read the sequel. Damn.

13 Little Blue Envelopes

Because I too traipsed around Europe as a young person. And I have an Aunt who passed away, who kind of guides me through life. There aren’t any letters for me, though. Poems, but no letters.

I even met a weirdo. These days, I much prefer the geek I’m getting married to.

The Night Circus

Loved this one. Ten stars. I would say not my usual kind of book. But I’ve forgotten what my usual is. I suspect I read this at just the right time to be swept away.

Seven Up

Yes, I’m still reading this series. No, I haven’t lost count. or heart. Yet.


I read this because I was looking for another one of his, and I found this one. Read it cover to cover, which may not be the best way to read essays. I’ve thrown it at Sarge, but not before highlighting ones he should read.

Blood, Bones and Butter

Continuing on my memoir kick, I’d been waiting AGES to read this book. A bit of armchair travel here too, since Sarge and I have decided not to go out of the country until the honeymoon.


This is another one that can be filed under ‘escapist’. Kept imaging Wall-E. I figure I read grown up books when I was a young adult, so I can read some YA now.

And these are some of the books that are in various stages of unread around the house:

Before I Go To Sleep

I think I’m at the point just before it gets predictable. Having said that, I was reading this yesterday as Sarge came home from work,  he put the key in the door and I jumped so high my butt cleared my seat. Now, I know all about my heightened fright-reflex, but that was a little excessive.

A Discovery of Witches

Loving this.

How I Became A Famous Novelist

I consider this one research.


How many books are you reading now?

What keeps you reading to the end?

What makes you want to throw a book across a room?

Some of these are saying: Don’t forget to finish us, Lorna. We LOVE you!

19 thoughts on “Reading Through The Stacks: Loyalty To Books

  1. I’ve read “How I Became A Famous Novelist”, I think. If I’m thinking of the same book, it’s funny.
    I’ve read ‘Cinder’ too, and I liked that. And multiple people have recommended ‘The Night Circus’ to me, but I’m scared to start it because the premise reminds me too much of a seriously freaky Torchwood episode.

  2. Eight on the go, according to Good Reads. Another one in pdf. I think I’m enjoying one of them o_O To date, there’s one fiction book ever (Arithmetic) I haven’t read to the end, so sheer bloody-mindedness? Usually I abandon non-fiction ‘cos I run out of time before the essay (eg) is due! 😉 And, ma’am: I Do Not believe in throwing books around!! 😉

  3. I have misplaced Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip with David Foster Wallace and so have started A Clockwork Orange. When I leave that behind I read Unstuck, a literary magazine my friend put out that is quite amazing. I also am trying to read my friend Michael McClung’s e-novel, so I can surprise him with a review. It’s been years and years. I’m overdue on that one.

  4. I don’t know how you keep up with all of them at once! I only do one at a time, but when I’m on a reading kick, I’ll read several books back to back, staying up late and doing pretty much nothing but reading. Sounds like I should add some of these to my list.

  5. I’m reading Love in the Time of Cholera, which, although I’ve just started, is beautifully written and I’m into it already. I may tackle some of yours, too. I love recommendations. Mainly I read mysteries and thrillers and have finished reading “The Shark God’s Keeper” (set in Hawaii). You can’t read it yet because I have only just finished writing it, and although not literary genius, it is a good, fast-paced read which you will not be able to put down 🙂

  6. I’ve read 31 books so far, as well! usually only read one at a time, but I’m sort of reading two right now. I started reading Starters, then switched to Cinder, then read a bit more of Starters. Since Cinder’s due at the library first, though, I’m trying to finish that one first.

    I have a hard time not finishing books once I start them, if only because I keep wanting to give it a chance to get better. I don’t want to say I hate a book when I might have liked it if I had given it more time. The few books I have stopped reading have usually got me so mad that I want to hurt someone. Unrealistic plots AND horrible protagonists AND grammar/punctuation mistakes AND…the list goes on. Basically, I can ignore one or two of those elements as long as one of the others is really strong, but if the only way I would enjoy the book is if everyone in it dies, I probably won’t be finishing it. 🙂

  7. Oooh. You finished The Magicians. I pretty much felt the same way, except I’ve never seen The Never-Ending Story. But apparently the sequel was unplanned, and then he decided it might be a trilogy so I decided to wait on that… I think I’ve successfully lost my interest.

  8. “I would say not my usual kind of book. But I’ve forgotten what my usual is.”

    Love that.
    I haven’t read as much this year as I read last year– only 19 so far. But I have a slew of stuff at home. Last night I finished a book for a review I have to do. Now I’m debating what to read next.

  9. Ooh, I’m starting to read The Night Circus, too. Glad to see the rating you gave it. I wish I could read more, but I can only manage about 1 book a month. So, I have to choose wisely 😉

  10. I’m listening to Mating in Captivity right now and trading off reading Slouching Towards Bethlehem and 50 Shades Free. My normal reading list isn’t so sexy.

    Did you like How I Became a Famous Novelist?

    I LOVE the Stephanie Plum series! The oldest ones are the best. I must have read One for the Money a billion times.

    1. I returned Famous to the library before I finished it, I’ll probably try again, but at the time there were others to read. It was kind of cluttering my mind.

      I’m on the 8th SP, just now getting interesting/formulaic!

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