Caption Contest

Regular readers will know that Sarge hates cheese. Last night was the first time he tried a pizza without chocolate on it. And of course, hold the cheese.






What was he thinking?


And a question from me:Ā  Is pizza without cheese really pizza?



17 thoughts on “Caption Contest

      1. Ah, course!! We have a vegan at the office, and he’s had cheese-free pizza before, which is what put that in my head. I’d rather try tomato-free pizza, with bechamel instead!

  1. Actually, pizza without cheese can be really good. I have a brother who is allergic to dairy (no, not lactose intolerant, allergic) but still likes pizza. He usually gets a pizza with just sauce and hamburger or sausage on it–which is surprisingly tasty.

  2. Even though I have grown quite fond of Sarge, I have to say, pizza is NOT pizza without cheese. I’m not even sure they really know how to make pizza in England. He should come to New York & give it a go. šŸ™‚

    1. We’re in Scotland. And I grew half-way up in New York.

      We went back last year, and had home-made pizza, but he avoided it for fear of wayward cheese. šŸ™‚

  3. In the top one he’s saying “I do not trust these suspicious vegatables.”
    In the bottom one he’s thinking, “I hope Dougie doesn’t photoshop this picture.”

  4. Short of allergies, I refuse to understand how a person cannot like cheese. You can change the sauce up any way, or make it a dessert pizza, but no cheese? I am flummoxed.

  5. While cheese is fan-freaking-tastic, I like my pizza with extra sauce and light to no cheese. There’s something to be said for being able to taste the zippy tomato sauce and veggies without being diluted by the taste of bland mozzarella. Of course, my husband loves light sauce and extra cheese. We usually each get our own medium pizzas to eat on for a couple of days. And did I read that right – chocolate on pizza?

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