A Blessing Of Flames

My new favourite sound is the pop of a champagne cork.  There was lots of popping this weekend to officially celebrate the engagement of The Butterfly and The Penguin.  Saturday saw 364 days until the wedding.  Not even a little rain could damper our mood or the bonfire.

Sarge’s best man has a burning twice year.  Bits of wood and old furniture go up in flames in the name of friendship and film references.  This time, we called it an Engagement Burning and toasted marshmallows and bubbly.

A lot of the photos featured a chicken hat.  And me stuffing my face.  When I wasn’t eating, I was laughing.  Or exclaiming ‘I’m getting freakin’ married’, at which point I would hug Sarge. Or a member of the Bridal Crew.  Or my Dad.  Whoever was with closer.

At various points during the day, I thought of people who couldn’t be there.  And I had a moment for each of them.  And then we got serenaded under a gazebo by the only friend I have who has curlier hair than I do.

Dad wore his beard hat, which looks surprisingly like his own beard.  There in the rain with Dad on one side and Sarge on the other I thought, best day ever.  And then Dad said, ‘I’ll be alright.’

‘Yes.  Best day ever,’ I said aloud.

‘So far,’ said Sarge.

Most people left to catch the last train, but there was dancing and singing in the living-room until 3 AM.   Everything from Queen to Edith Piaf to Starship.  And nostalgia mixed with YouTube and cider results in The Macarena.

‘Lorna, turn off the video.’

‘It’s not on.  Iforgottopressthebutton.’

The next day, after coming home with cards and flowers and a patched up flat tire, the conversation went something like this:

‘If you delete the video, I’ll delete that photo of you and the marshmallow skewer,’ said Sarge.

‘Deal,’ I said.

Our relationship is based on love, respect and lack of blackmail evidence.

Photos courtesy of my future sister-in-law and FotoRus.

16 thoughts on “A Blessing Of Flames

  1. I love the sound of a champagne cork. And the smell and crackle of a bonfire. And everything about this story!

    If you delete the video, I’ll delete that photo of you and the marshmallow skewer. That should its way into your vows, methinks. 🙂

  2. last line is hilarious, I’ve been happily married for over a decade, lack of blackmail evidence is key 🙂
    visiting from SITS forum but I follow you on twitter too! congrats to you and sarge. someone told me after my engagement, “if you can make it through planning a wedding, you can make it through anything”! so true!! 🙂

  3. Ah! I’ve found your blog again!
    For some time I’ve been wondering what happened to it because I wasn’t getting email subscriptions any more, even though I’ve been following it for about 2 years. But I kept forgetting to look into it. Now I’ve discovered your posts have been coming up in my ‘subscriptions’ tab on WordPress – which I never look at, because I rely on email updates. I’ll have to resubscribe by email… sorry I’ve been gone from your comments for so long, ha ha!

      1. This has happened to me more than once recently – I think WordPress went crazy a while back and ate all my subscriptions 😀 Should be sorted now, though!

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