Top Ten Tuesday: Stacked For The Summer

I have no business going to the library.  Or maybe I should work at one. The self-imposed book-buying ban is still on.  Sometimes it slips off.  Such a tease. I got three more books from the library yesterday, and this is how I'm stacked for summer reading: The Family Fang The Echo Chamber Dandelion Wine … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: Stacked For The Summer


A Blessing Of Flames

My new favourite sound is the pop of a champagne cork.  There was lots of popping this weekend to officially celebrate the engagement of The Butterfly and The Penguin.  Saturday saw 364 days until the wedding.  Not even a little rain could damper our mood or the bonfire. Sarge’s best man has a burning twice … Continue reading A Blessing Of Flames

Words On Love

Since Sarge and I decided to have our wedding invitations printed, the next question is:  What awesome and entirely appropriate quotes will we include on the invitations? Last night at the pub I may have said, ‘I’ll arm-wrestle you for that one.’  And now I can’t remember which one was on the block. Anyway, I … Continue reading Words On Love

Scenes From The Mall

I was at the mall for five hours yesterday.  No, I don’t have a job there.  And I came home without a book.  Since my mall trips usually revolve around Starbucks fixes and buying books in bulk, my extended stay is worthy of note. Sarge and I have had rival mobile phones since I got … Continue reading Scenes From The Mall

Reading Through The Stacks: The Reading Room

Since the office/writing room/reading room has been reclaimed from the cat, my reading speed has improved.  I can read 376 words per minute.  Staples says so. What's your reading speed? Recent reads have been: The Art of Fielding - I was right there with this, until the end.    That seems to be my go-to one-liner … Continue reading Reading Through The Stacks: The Reading Room

Domesticated Penguins

I’m getting old.  And I don’t care.  I’m not going out with Sarge anymore.  Because we’re too busy staying in.  I can’t remember the last time I went to a club.  These days, the highlight of my Friday night is a new episode of Come Dine With Me.  And that’s OK. Take this weekend for … Continue reading Domesticated Penguins