The Empty Shelf

I am in the midst of sorting out books to give away/sell.  As someone who actively hoards books, this is painful.  But also a good thing.  I want more space, less clutter.  Fewer boxes to cart out when we move.  Somewhere in my mission, I found this:

The Empty Shelf.

I’m posting the above as proof, and for posterity.

What should I do with it?

And if you had an empty shelf, what would you do with it?



14 thoughts on “The Empty Shelf

  1. If such a thing as an empty shelf really did exist, and I’m not completely convinced about that, I would fill it with books. Probably the books which are in a 5 foot high pile right now, balancing precariously between the bed and the wall. Although the pile next to the desk might fit better…or perhaps the one on top of the kitchen counter…or…

  2. haha, I have 2 large bookcases… each one might be close to 2 bookcases actually… so the equivalent of 4 tall bookcases… anyway… they’re full, mostly with art books… and other books.

    But the rule is… that’s enough books! So in order for new books to keep coming in, which they do… something’s gotta go! I keep thinking that getting rid of stuff will become agonizing sooner or later, but so far it’s really not been that hard. Perhaps I have enough shelf space that by the time a poor sad volume becomes the most unloved of all those books… it’s not that hard to part with it.

    hahaha – gawd, that last sentence makes me want to cry! 😛

    Anyway, it’s true though. And of course the internet does help since so much of what you want can be found there. A generation ago your library sort of was your library… today your library is only part of your “virtual library”

    I try to recycle maybe 25cm or so of books once or twice a year… and then I have a 25cm hole like your photo… but it fills up soon enough! 🙂

  3. I double stack my books, so I still have self room. If I had a cubby hole like that, I would probably fill it with anything from one of the unpacked boxes in the closet. I keep meaning to go through them and weed them out. I never seem to manage. And today it has been a year in the new place for me. I need to get rid of the stuff I didn’t need and better sort the hobby stuff I can never find when I’m looking for it.

  4. I would set up a miniature wookie figurine that roars when you press a button, or when people get to close to your stuff. I have three wookies on the book shelf next to my desk, to protect my stuff. 🙂

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