Cheesecake For Breakfast

In an update to this post, and then this one, and finally this one, CJ has gone to live with some friends in Glasgow.  She is not hunting rabbits in the country.  She’s in Glasgow.  I know and trust the people she’s with.  I am now the cat's Auntie. Dad delivered her on Saturday, taking … Continue reading Cheesecake For Breakfast


What Made You Happy Today?

I've spent the last few days seeking out stuff to make me happy.  I thought I'd share what I've come up with. 1. Searching for 'Groovy Wedding Invitations' on Google.   Because, well, I'm getting married. 2. Reading. And reading this. 3. The Penguin Fort 4. Cheese Doritos.  Sarge hates having them around. Therefore, I … Continue reading What Made You Happy Today?

From My Heart To My Toes

Last Saturday, Sarge and I got up early to see our wedding venue decked out for a wedding.  The sun was out and I could picture next year, our people in that room.   ‘And we’ll announce you from here,’ said the events planner person.  And I cried. We headed toward breakfast and I wondered again … Continue reading From My Heart To My Toes

Always Choose To Dance

I spent much of my first year at University pulling all-nighters with my friends.  We would raid the vending machine down the hall, try to stuff each other into the washing-machines and make plans to go bungee-jumping.  I also had them draw me a hideously clichéd tattoo.  Of course. Some more time was spent figuring … Continue reading Always Choose To Dance

Reading Through the Stacks: Every Letter Was a Love Letter

Yesterday was spent trading notes with Sarge to save his hay-fevered voice.  When was the last time you wrote a love note or letter? Somewhere between note 1 and 17, I finished reading my 20th book of the year. Recent reads have been:  The Marriage Plot - Read this in three days.  The first two … Continue reading Reading Through the Stacks: Every Letter Was a Love Letter

Blogging Against Disablism Day 2012: This Is How I Roll

Today is Blogging Against Disablism Day, 2012. I am disabled.  Mostly by society. I am on wheels.  Everyone should know this by now.  Regular readers, anyone who reads my About page, people I've worked with, laughed with, gotten lost with, my parents and the man who loves me.  That's everyone. What people may not know … Continue reading Blogging Against Disablism Day 2012: This Is How I Roll