Thinking Outside The Card

I’m 31 on the 31st!

Had to share my card from Sarge! Who else would it be from?

What did you do on your 31st birthday?  If you haven’t had it yet, make it up!

Real paragraphs tomorrow or Monday!


6 thoughts on “Thinking Outside The Card

  1. BIrthday greetings from sunny and warm Florida!! Your dad’s card was lovely….as for Sarge’s….what can I say….looks like you’ve picked a winner!! xoxo cousin susan

  2. Happy birthday! Haven’t had my 31st yet, but my husband gathered his rag-tag friends together, and we ate a Cthulu cake and got completely smashed.

  3. Happy Belated, dear girl! I’m so sorry I missed it. My head must have been in its usual place – up my butt! I hope it was special and happy and fun and everything you wanted it to be.

    Much love.

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