A Birthday Card From Dad

And click here to see the second thing to make me cry happy tears today!

Thanks, Dad.


3 thoughts on “A Birthday Card From Dad

  1. This actually gave me father-daughter love goose bumps. I started to write that I love, love, love that picture on the tricycle with the beret and the bad mamma-jamma expression, but then the expressions on your and Sarge’s faces, not to mention his totally rad penguins tee-shirt, caught my eye and I’m torn between which of those is my favorite. You have such a delightful smile. Thank you for sharing your smile and your joy.

    Also, I got to thinking: my birthday is on the 31st of another month and on my 31st birthday someone pointed out that it’s a special day when your age matches your birth day. I forget what it’s called. I think it means you get an extra dose of happiness. We’ll just say that’s the case and I wish that for you. šŸ™‚

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