Sunday Song: Wedding Processional

Dear Readers/supporters of our mawidge,

And so, on Friday, Sarge and I were sitting around talking wedding music with my Dad and Anne.  Our song is ‘The Book of Love’, and that’s what I’d like to walk/roll/whatever down the aisle to.  (We’d like to get piped out after the deed is done, but that’s possibly another post.)

The thing is this.  I like the Peter Gabriel version:


And Sarge likes the Magnetic Fields’ original:


And so so, we thought we’d put it to a vote.

Which do you like?

Since we are the ones getting married, we reserve the right to rig the vote, but thought this would be fun.

Have at it!


The Butterfly and The Penguin (that would be us.  Hi.)

PS.  We first heard this on a road-trip with friends, and not on Scrubs.  Neither of us were really into it, and missed the final episode.  There’s that, too.


15 thoughts on “Sunday Song: Wedding Processional

  1. Zach Braff ruins everything – kidding.

    I like The Magnetic Fields version best, but I definitely think you should go with the Peter Gabriel. It is more universally appealing, which shouldn’t matter but kind of does when you want something to stand the test of time. Stephen Merritt is an acquired test (as proven by Ruth’s comment) and it’s a very specific sound/version.

    I also think you should look into The Gourds “Two Old Rugged Roses” to be played at some point during the reception or even just on your honeymoon. It was a wedding song written by one member of the band for the wedding of one of the other members. I love it.

  2. Another good test on this would be to play both of them for your Dad, the one he weeps to is the one you use ….. If he weeps to both , play both.

  3. Who’s Butterfly and who’s Penguin?

    The string arrangement of the Peter Gabriel version seems to nudge it ahead as the selection for the ceremonial roll/walk down the aisle. It’s a little more romantic.

    Might there be a way to work the Magnetic Fields version in at some other time? The reception line, dinner conversation, something like that?

  4. I’d never heard this song before–thank you for sharing! I like both versions very much, although I prefer The Magnetic Fields version, probably because I love The Magnetic Fields.

    Whatever you choose, I don’t think you could really go wrong. It’s beautiful. 🙂


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