The Inside of My Brain On An Ordinary Day

My silence can be attributed to:

A.  Doing some really exciting stuff in real life.

ii.  Working from home due to a broken lift.

3.  Watching this video over and over:

Found via For the love of bookshops

or True.  All of the above.

What’s inside your brain?



17 thoughts on “The Inside of My Brain On An Ordinary Day

  1. The drea about a post-capitalist paradise I woke up from this morning. Tangerine-braised duck on two-sides-pan-fried noodles. Spring. Taking a walk. Finishing today’s Code Year lesson.

  2. Oh, that was just a beautiful film – thank you for find/sharing! 🙂 I’m a bit teared up now, though…

    Today my brain is full of art and drawing and colour – which is very typical of me as I need to fill it with code and coursework and revision!

  3. That film is nothing short of genius.

    “. . . I laugh. I cry. I seldom understand things. . . ” and “. . . I go ’round and ’round the mulberry bush. Why does the weasel go ‘pop’? . . .If life is enjoyed, does it have to be understood.”

    Those are the sorts of things that go on inside my head, but I lack the ability to express them in any way that should share the same bandwidth as the video.

    Thanks for posting the link and I, too, am excited about your exciting things in real life!

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