Coffee, Castles and Carnage

My drive-by view of Edinburgh Castle

I’ve loved movies since I cried during Follow That Bird and my Dad took me to My Left Foot and called it research.

Whether it’s at home with a bowl of burnt popcorn, or in a plush seat at the theatre, I don’t talk during the film and I watch to the end of the credits.

And for the record, I didn’t ask for my money back because The Artist is a silent film.

My most recent movie date with Sarge was Carnage, before a coffee and a successful book trade with a friend.

I snapped some photos, and drove backwards over some cobbles on the way to cheesy nachos and an early evening showing.  My kind of Sunday.

I’ve loved Kate Winslet since Sense and Sensibility, and Jodie Foster since Nell.  Jodie Foster’s most recent character is considerably less zen than Nell.  I kept waiting for her to burst a blood vessel.

After the film, we somewhat reluctantly switched on our mobiles.

Sarge had four missed calls from work.  On a Sunday.  The next call he got sent him into the office.  Somewhere in the world, a computer exploded.  On a Sunday.    And I found myself looking to dump Sarge’s phone into the nearest vase of tulips.


11 thoughts on “Coffee, Castles and Carnage

  1. I’m glad you got in some quality time before technology intruded. I can’t believe how little down time we get with all these tech gadgets. I enjoy a good movie though I’m more of a preview girl than a credits lady.

    1. I like previews too, they help me figure out what to see next. I stay til the end kind of out of respect for all the people who worked on the film, And I’m also a soundtrack/score nut!

  2. Cell phones have advantages, but there are those disadvantages too – like always being accessible. But then there’s the being able to get the call if you happen to be in the bathroom, so you can finish your business without rushing advantage. Or is that? An advantage, I mean. I have The Artist on my Netflix list, but not Carnage.

  3. Sometimes the best place for a cell phone is a vase of tulips! I loved My Left Foot, though we watched it because Daniel Day Lewis is a favorite, not for research 😉

  4. I watch until the end of the credits, too! And I hate it when they turn the lights on early (before the credits finish rolling) in order to clean the theater. Hate it!

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