The Inside of My Brain On An Ordinary Day

My silence can be attributed to: A.  Doing some really exciting stuff in real life. ii.  Working from home due to a broken lift. 3.  Watching this video over and over: Found via For the love of bookshops or True.  All of the above. What's inside your brain?  


My Very Own Geek

It's Adopt-a-Geek Week over at Pretty Feet, Pop Toe. I think this is a fantastic idea.  But I have my very own dearly loved and loveable geek.  Mine is taking a day off from being a Senior Software Geek because he has Super Sad Sinusitis. I usually like it when we have matching days off, … Continue reading My Very Own Geek

The Art of Patience

When I was a kid, people were always telling me to ‘have patience’.  I thought it was some kind of gift, one that I’m still waiting for.  And I’m not good with waiting. Well, that’s not necessarily true.   There’s a part of me that likes to burn candles and incense and become as blissed out … Continue reading The Art of Patience

Reading Through the Stacks: What’s In Your Fridge?

Last year, I declared 100 Books Or Bust.  After semi-regular updates on my progress, I stopped counting. In the end, I got to the actually painful number 49.  49, I tell you.  These were them. This year, I have set the same challenge for myself.  But I'm going to be slightly more systematic in posting … Continue reading Reading Through the Stacks: What’s In Your Fridge?