Proof of Pumpkin

After Thanksgiving, I waxed nostalgic about canned pumpkin.  My friend who writes at Calypte’s Scanner Diary, told me where I might find some.  And today, Sarge comes home from Christmas shopping with two cans of this lovely stuff:

My boyfriend is the best.


I like how the light is shining on the can.  As if it’s been sent by the Gods of Canned Pumpkin.  Or my Nana.


10 thoughts on “Proof of Pumpkin

  1. I love canned pumpkin, too! I don’t know anyone who actually uses a real pumpkin for cooking, cuts it open, pulls out its guts and seeds, peels it, cuts the thing up into cubes, then mashes it all before making pumpkin pie, or pumpkin bread, or pumpkin cookies, or pumpkin soup…yup. Canned is the way to go.

  2. OK so share the details – where did you get it, I’ve been looking for that stuff for ages!

    I see so many American and Canadian bloggers showing pies and muffins etc made with this stuff by have never seen it here, please share, I feel a baking session coming on…

    1. Harvey Nichols food section this time, but also Lupe Pintos, from past experience. Pumpkin is the only Harvey Nichols stuff I have! Ha!

      If you make something, please share. 😉

  3. I love the ease and joy of canned pumpkin! In fact sometime in November I ran a post about pumpkin recipes that I wanted to make in the upcoming weeks. I found a great sounding pancake recipe but still haven’t tried those. I did fall in love with a pumpkin cookie recipe, though, and I’ve enjoyed making my grandmother’s pumpkin souffle this year too.


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