Open To Interpretation

What follows could either be a. a snippet from my NaNo novel or, 2.  a recent conversation between Sarge and me:

I need to write.

Then write.

How do I get out of the way?

Write in the bathroom, on the toilet, in the tub. Write in bare feet, using a pencil with no eraser. Stick your head out the window, shut your eyes and breathe. And don’t take breaks to talk to your mother about goat wool.

That wasn’t my fault. She called me.


And it’s rabbit wool.


Angora. It’s rabbit wool. Not goat wool.

Who gives a shit?  Just write.

Joey, Giant Angora Rabbit Buck
This is not a goat. Image via Wikipedia

8 thoughts on “Open To Interpretation

  1. Great motivational post. I think that I should take your advise and just write, that would mean my book would actually get finished! I also love the photo and caption underneath.

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