Who’s She, The Cat’s Mother?

Growing up, I wanted to be a lot of things.   Writer, nurse, Mom and bus-driver topped my list, written when I was 6, in rainbow block crayon.  I also wanted to be a lawyer, an artist specialising in Spin-art, and a country singer.  So it was a long list, and vet was not on … Continue reading Who’s She, The Cat’s Mother?


100 Books or Bust: Heading For 50

Well. Dead Until Dark was the 45th book I've read this year.  Not my usual thing, but my brain was buzzing and needed down-time.  I had fun reading some choice lines aloud to Sarge, and finished it in a few hours. Here's a list of all the books I've read so far this year.  If … Continue reading 100 Books or Bust: Heading For 50

Weekend Wanderings

My weekend begins on Friday, so we’ll start there. I woke up and asked Sarge to make me a coffee. I did so nicely. ‘Can’t (the PA) do it?’ ‘She doesn’t make coffee,’ I said. ‘She pours water into ugliness.’ ‘Fair enough’, he said, turning on the coffee machine. For the rest of the day … Continue reading Weekend Wanderings

My Island Diaries: Mull

Wherein I get fresh air and new perspectives, remember promises and maybe change my mind. Edinburgh - Glasgow, holiday o’clock. Sarge turns on all the lights in our bedroom to make sure I am actually awake. We have cupcakes for breakfast.  They are neither red nor velvet. I put on striped socks, a museum t-shirt … Continue reading My Island Diaries: Mull