Proof Of Pez

I have a three-day work week.  Thursdays are my Fridays.  In honour of this, I would like to share my most recent internet-find: Princess Bride Bobbleheads.  If I get these, they already have a place beside my Wizard of Oz Pez Set.

Because I really do need more junk inspired by my favourite films.  Obviously.

Do you have any interesting or weird collections?  Or interestingly weird collections?

This is Pez. In my house.

7 thoughts on “Proof Of Pez

  1. One of my high school acquaintances collected old Pez dispensers. We used to tease him about it but he never gave it up. Last year he sold his collection for a bunch of money and was pretty much able to pay for an extravagent wedding. Who’s laughing now?

    I tried to get into collecting first editions of my favorite books books but couldn’t afford to keep up the habit. Maybe I should’ve invested in Pez dispensers instead.

    1. Perhaps I should point out that my mother bought me that set. Because I had Pez once. When I was 9. It’s an investment that I might cash-in in a few years.

  2. I collect pocket watches, just bought a new one although it’s stopped working (but it’s so beautiful!). I also collect feather pens / dip pens / other calligraphy stuff…. yeah, basically anything old fashioned. Except typewriters, because after reading ‘Misery’ I’m rather scared of manual typewriters.

  3. Rocks. Not that weird. But I have them around the foundation of our house and I like the way they look.

    And, um. Those little labels they put on fruit. I put them in my journal. Or decorate stuff on my desk with them. Like my stapler.

  4. I collect teapots. Not weird in itself, but I’ve picked up a few interesting ones along the way. My first – and most favorite is the New England Clambake teapot. The pot itself looks like a black and white speckled lobster pot. The lid has the makings for the dinner – lobster, clams and and ear of corn. One of my other favorites is the one where the handle is a mama cat and the knob on the lid is her kitten.

  5. You had me at Princess Bride Bobbleheads. What a fabulous thing.

    I’ve been thinking it might be fun to start collecting something (small rubber ducks has been on the list), but then I worry that well-meaning friends will start inundating me with them and then, once I’m tired of the rubber ducks already, it will never end.

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