Nina Simone Was Not A Man

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Because Broadside and Oh My Words! wanted to know, here are 10 random, or maybe not-so random facts about moi:

1.  When I was a kid, I thought Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton were married.  Because everyone who sang duets were married to each other.  Obviously.  I also thought Nina Simone was a man.   Because, well, just because.

2.  I was born in Dallas, was a kid in New York, and grew up in the Highlands of Scotland.  My accent is mine, and according to Sarge is ‘under several influences.’  Except when I’m on the phone with my mother, at which times it is back on Long Island.

3.  I have CP.  I am, by choice, a pretty-much-permenant wheelchair-user.  Unless there’s a party going on upstairs.

4.  When I was seven, I had various bits medically broken and stretched, all at once.  I have  ten scars that are so much a part of me; I don’t see them anymore.

5.  I lost all four of my grandparents within five years.  How and when they died has coloured the way I look at life.

6.  Growing up, my mental age was 40.  Now that I am 30, I feel that I’m actually my true age.

7.  I used to laugh entirely through my nose.  Now I laugh out loud.  I blame Sarge.

8.  I can have entire conversations using only movie quotes.  I cannot blame Sarge.

9.  One of my nicknames at Uni was Phoebe.  As in The One From Friends.

10.  I once fell off a toilet in Pisa, Italy.  I was not drunk.  This incident has since been dubbed ‘The Leaning Toilet of Pisa’.


10 thoughts on “Nina Simone Was Not A Man

  1. I grew up in a Neil Diamond household, so I thought he and Barbara Streisand were a couple. When I found out they weren’t, I think I cried.

    My wife and I were talking about the movie quote conversation the other day. I think I could probably go an entire day, even though I only know quotes from maybe five movies.

  2. Following the provided structure:

    1. I thought Rogers and Pardon were dating, not married.

    2. I thought Ole King Cole was Nat King Cole and that’s how I would sing it.

    3. I have plantar faciatiis. I may have spelled that wrong. It means I always have to wear tennis shoes. I hate tennis shoes. I’m currently always in a pair of black sketcher shape-ups. They have the most amazingly comfortable arch support I’ve ever experienced in a shoe.

    4. From ages 6 – 10 I got terrible hives every winter. It wasn’t an alergy. The grade school I went to wouldn’t let us take off our snow suits if we wore a one piece and if we wore a two piece we could only hang up the coat. There was no place to put the jumper half. So we over-heated and got hives. It was common for most of the kids in that school.

    5. I’ve only lost 3 of my grand parents and all since I got out of college. But the way they went also had a strong impact on my outlook and worldview.

    6. I gave the impression of always being older than I was. Now I give the impression of always being younger than I am. I tell people it is because I’ve never been married or had kids and got great genes from my parents.

    7. I don’t think I laugh as much as I used too. The older I get, the more cynical I get. I have also gotten more and more liberal and libertarian as I’ve aged. Something people tell me is very odd.

    8. I have often had entire conversations where all I say for two hours is ‘unhuh’, ‘yeah’, ‘no’, and ‘really’. Some people just like to talk a lot.

    9. My nickname was Abby for a while. For Abnormal. I never really fit in.

    10. My girlfriends and I went walking to kill time before a dance one night. We got to the gym where it was held and I was so frozen that my friend had to undo my buttons so I could use the toilet and then redo them because I lost my fine motor skills. And no, we hadn’t had anything to drink that night.

  3. I think 30 and 40 are both very good ages to be. I love the line about the party going on upstairs and the story about the leaning toilet of Pisa. And, I have missed reading your blog.

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