Magic Coffee 2

Sarge said to me this morning, ‘Shall we see what’s in your coffee today?’

I thought I’d open the debate.

And so, what do you see today?:

And as a bonus, yesterday:

And I saw this in last week’s coffee, if anyone would like to research what that says about me!


7 thoughts on “Magic Coffee 2

  1. Top one is very clearly a head in semi-profile, to me (not worried about what’s in the outline) – of course, the person is standing on an alien planet, with that moon system in the background 😉

    Bottom on is a fluffy white cat, lying down and looking straight out of the cup 🙂

  2. Top one is totally yin/yang. Anyone who says otherwise is just crazy.

    Bottom one is what driving through Kansas looks like. Although, yeah, the cat is there too. So it’s like driving through Kansas on drugs and seeing a cat in a wheat field.

    Now that you mention the Penguin, I can’t unsee it. Two kudos!

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