Magic Coffee

What do you see in the coffee swirls?


15 thoughts on “Magic Coffee

  1. I saw a witch – are you psychologically profiling your subscribers now!? 😉

    (and ooh, exciting – I’ve set up my own wordpress blog now! Not that I’ve written anything yet… want to grab a coffee next week and you can offer me sage advice? :))

      1. I did – at about 1am last night, so figured you wouldn’t want the immediate response! What time d’you want me to show up? 🙂

  2. I see shoes and the bottom of a long skirt. the butterfly bit is the only part not belonging to the skirt and shoes. I think the Wicked Witch of the West would like her sister’s ruby slippers back so she can stop wearing those clunky shoes.

  3. It looks like the barista tried to autograph your coffee with foam, and they got as far as “Bi…” before the coffee commenced a Battle for the Planet of the Apes-like uprising and reclaimed the mug for itself.

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