Nine To Thirty

There are nine days until my 30th birthday.  In light of these single digit days, I have revamped my 29 list:

Call Embassy if passport doesn’t appear.

Write blog posts that aren’t lists.

Outline new projects.

Read my 20th book of the year, and possibly more.

Pop my ear.  My cold from last week has moved into my right ear.  Never has the phrase ‘blow it out your ear’ meant so much.

Watch people bake Cakes for Japan, Edinburgh – Tsunami Appeal Fundraiser.


15 thoughts on “Nine To Thirty

  1. chanced upon your blog, while i was bloghopping 🙂
    i hope you’ll get your passport soon, i’ve read about how you got the photos taken. funny, the way you wrote it.
    aaaand, i like the fact that you’re from Scotland. cause that’s where i want to go one fine day. once my piggy bank is full, that is :p

  2. Thank goodness I’ve found you. But seriously, wonderful witty writing that makes me laugh out loud. (I’m not fond of those acronyms).

    Happiest of Birthdays early, and my wish is that your passport arrives pronto; but definitely in time for the festivities.

  3. Congrats on making ‘Freshly Pressed’. As I’ve found your blog and see you’re 30 in just 8 days – I thought I’d make a point of wishing you a Happy Birthday for then.
    If you’re feeling anything like how I did when I was 30, you’re probably feeling older and wishing you were 20 again so you had more time. Trust me though, that when like me you’re 40 (+ 15 months!), 30 will seem so very young still! So, make the most of your day and of you’re 30th year, ticking off as much as you can from your ’33 and a third’ list. Congrats again on your writing.

  4. I’m with Suzanne on the lists. Because I am aging and feeble-minded, I am wishing you a happy birthday now with the full intention of wishing it at a more appropriate time.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  5. I agree with the concept “go lists” it’s quick easy reading thats tends to be pithy and I get what your saying, but I also liked your regular article style too so….

  6. It’s very possible that I will forget to wish you a happy birthday when it comes, given that I have no connection to you other than a humor tag through wordpress. Here, however, I believe I owe you a “happy birthday” wish in exchange for your blog’s entertaining. So here it is in advance: “Happy birthday!”

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