How To Have A Really Bad Cold

I’ve never been a good stuffed up person.  I’ve never liked taking naps, ask my parents.  The last time I slept during the during the day, I’d had all my wisdom teeth out the day before.

Last week, my body was gearing up for my annual cold, and this week it has lashed out.

While I had a towel over my head just above hot water this afternoon, I put together a list of things to do when you don’t do colds:

1. Have your partner/friends bring you cold medicine/cheesecake/tiramisu, without asking them.

2. Call your Dad and say: I have a code in my noeds, and laugh until you lose what little voice you have left.

3. Camp out on the couch, and pretend your Grandma is sitting on the other end of it and your Nana is making you chicken soup in your kitchen.

4. Ration your TV watching, but always make time to watch people yell at other people.

5. Put vanilla essence in your tea, and socks on your feet.  The uglier the better.

6. Listen to your go-to music (for me that would be country).  If you cry at the sad songs, blame the cold.

7. Read entire books in four-hour jags.

8. Look forward to times you won’t have a cold.  Do little things on your to-do list, so you don’t feel like a waster.

9. Take a stroll to shake off the cobwebs.  Thank you, gale-force winds.

10. Take funny photos to cheer yourself up.


19 thoughts on “How To Have A Really Bad Cold

  1. I love this list and intend to adhere to most of it the next time I have a cold, which is, admittedly, very rare.

    But if I might put on my “professional singer” chapeau and be boringly serious for just a moment… Although things like tiramisu and cheesecake may be comforting, dairy in general promotes (sorry to be gross) phlegm and mucus – two of the last things you want to encourage when you are trying to fight the same. I can think of many other comfort foods/beverages which might work as well – pretty much anything containing alcohol – if you’re not taking medication.

    Just my dos pesos…

    1. Oh, I know, that’s why I’m a bad sick person. 😉 I’ve only had one dessert thing since I got worse. Tend to wash everthing with lots of water, and hope that cancels out the bad stuff. 🙂

      Thank you!

  2. Warm up some orange juice, put a cinnamon stick in the cup with the warm juice, sit back with your feet up and pretend you’re on a tropical beach lolling in the sun with a fancy alcoholic drink. This might require closing the eyes.

  3. #1 made me giggle.. have them do so, without asking… funny…

    when I am sick i always curl up on the couch and sleep/watch tv. later i realize all of the things (reading, little things, music, etc.) that I could have done… this is a great list.

  4. I hope you’re feeling better! I have learned, from terrifying experience (landed in the hospital 4 years ago with pneumonia) to lie DOWN and rest when ill. It’s never a good idea to “tough it out.”

  5. I have a number 11…catch up on your blog reading. Perhaps that’s what I’ve been waiting for…getting sick so I can get caught up on everyone! Yikes!

    I’m also a big fan of the head under towel/over hot water. I often add a little bit of Vick’s Vapo Rub or something with eucalyptus into the hot water to enhance the healing effects of the steam. It’s like cheapy aromatherapy…

  6. Bah! I love being sick! It gives me an excuse to lay in bed and watch gossip girl all day long, drink 10 cups of tea a day, tell my boyfriend to bring me various things such as my 7th cup of tea, call my parents and complain while they’re at work, yell at random people from my window for being too lame and other fun activities you can blame on your raging fever…I’m definitely going to be stealing from your list though, thanks =]

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