Got Wine?

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This is the text of an actual text I just sent to my second-oldest friend.  I believe it speaks for itself:

‘Looking forward to tomorrow.  I love my life, but 30 just hit me.  Please bring white wine.’



7 thoughts on “Got Wine?

  1. Happy 30!!!

    I remember mine very well; my Mom held a great party for me and my Dad and a dear friend each gave me very beautiful tall art glass vases. Every time I use them, many years later, I remember that special day.

    Your 30s will be a blast, I promise.

  2. LORNA, I have to tell you, like I have told so many, the hardest birthday I ever had was the one that I turned 30! All the others were easy, didn’t bother me at all—— However this year in August if I make it, I will be 75…….Not saying how I will be, but I’ll say 30 was hard for me, Hahahah Love Aunt Nancy xoxoxo

  3. I loved turning 30, but last year’s birthday was hard for me (I still have trouble actually seeing in writing, that I’m 35, and 36 is coming up in April… just as I’m getting used to 35). I hope your 30th is a good one..

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