Dude, Where’s My Passport?

A few weeks ago, Sarge and I were at the post office before most people are awake on a Saturday morning. ‘Nobody’s here,’ he said. ‘Everyone’s in bed.  It’s 9.03 in the morning.’ We were dropping off my passport renewal form before boarding a train to Glasgow for the weekend. I checked the envelope for … Continue reading Dude, Where’s My Passport?

How To Have A Really Bad Cold

I've never been a good stuffed up person.  I've never liked taking naps, ask my parents.  The last time I slept during the during the day, I'd had all my wisdom teeth out the day before. Last week, my body was gearing up for my annual cold, and this week it has lashed out. While … Continue reading How To Have A Really Bad Cold

Shopping On My Shelves

Last April, I condensed my list of Things To Do Before I'm 30 into 29 Resulotions. Number 10a and 10b on that 16 item list goes something like this: Read all the books I've left unread/people have thrown at me. Not buy another book for myself until the above item is checked off. (Except The … Continue reading Shopping On My Shelves