Angry Birds Are Good For Your Relationship

Angry Birds 27" iMac

I’ve been drinking a lot of tea lately.  I’m still all about the coffee; we got a cafetière at the weekend, so we could try my Dad’s lovely Christmas present from here.  I have to say though; I’ve revised my somewhat scathing opinions of tea since Sarge arrived on the scene.

There are some quite exciting things happening for me, and tea is the only thing that stops my brain from buzzing.  The fact I now ask Sarge to make me tea instead of coffee at night makes me think of other things I’ve changed my mind about over the years.

Sundays – Loved up or not, I hated them until October 2009.  I always read Sunday papers on days that weren’t Sunday and generally pretended there were two Saturdays in my week.  However, Sundays and I are on speaking terms now.

Alan Rickman’s voice – This irrational entry on the List of Stuff that Lorna Doesn’t Like has been corrected by repeat viewings of Dogma and Snow Cake.

Iphones – Mine, specifically.  Before I got it for free, I swore I wouldn’t get one.  That was before GPS saved my nerves and my street cred.  And before Angry Birds added a few more layers to my already solid relationship.  It’s good for communication and problem-solving skills.  ‘Honey, can you beat this stupidly hard level for me?  Thanks, I owe you one. ‘

This stuff is still on the Do Not Like list: discrimination, apathy, vomiting, bad coffee, Neil Diamond and ferrets.  Those are still non-negotiable.


16 thoughts on “Angry Birds Are Good For Your Relationship

  1. I know what you mean about Alan Rickman’s voice. But I got over it quickly and decided it’s just one more unique thing about him that makes him so special. And I adore “Dogma”, although it was never a big hit here and was panned by the critics. Just put “Snow Cake” on my Netflix list. I’ll pretty much watch anything with Alan Rickman in it.

  2. Alan Rickman’s voice
    I’m ever so glad you’ve seen the light on this one. LOL. Have you listened to him read Sonnet 130???

    Snow Cake was brilliant! I’m just sad more people don’t know about it

  3. Ah well, I guess we have to change our minds about a few things over the years, so as not to become narrow minded people, which definitely ranks among the non-negotiables on my list.:D Sounds like the things you’ve got left would be hard to suddenly become a fan of however, but I guess you never know.

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