100 Books Or Bust: 70 Minutes

Cover of "I Was Amelia Earhart"
Cover of I Was Amelia Earhart

In the time it took Sarge to read one chapter of Ulysses, I started and finished I Was Amelia  Earhart, recommended by DB over at Getting in Touch with my Inner Basket Case.

This book was a blink.  A very poetic blink.  I wanted it to be longer, but I realise now the length was perfect for the story, the moments.

It reminded me of any books read in any year of High School English.  This is part of its charm.

I would recommend it for anyone who likes adventure, dreams and quick reads.

So far:

1.       Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire – Best one of the series so far.

2.       The Lacuna – Best one of the year for me, so far.

3.       The Slap – This one didn’t piss me off as much as I thought it would.  Still not very good.  Weak review, coming from me.  But that’s all I can say.

4.       A Very Private Gentleman – I loved this one.  Made me want to go back to Italy.  And back to the bookstore to get the copy of this book that doesn’t have George Clooney’s face on it.  Nothing wrong with his face, I just think movie tie-in covers don’t leave enough to the imagination.

5.       I Was Amelia Earhart – Dreamy.  Although the fact I read it right before going to sleep could have had something to do with the atmosphere it had for me.

95 to go!

What do you think I should read?  (If you’ve already suggested something, it’s on the list.)  Give me more!

For the fun of it, I’ll read anything anyone suggests!





12 thoughts on “100 Books Or Bust: 70 Minutes

  1. I’m reading, and loving, Keith Richards’ (yes, of the Rolling Stones) autobiography and am dying to read The Imperfectionists, already loaded into my Kindle. I just read The Help and enjoyed it.

    Shameless plug — I hope you’ll consider adding my new non-fiction book (a memoir of working retail in a suburban NYC mall) to your list (and sharing it with others if you like it); got a terrific review yesterday from the normally very nasty Kirkus Reviews…yay!


    1. I’m so looking forward to reading your book! Will post more about it when I’ve read it! I like complete thoughts, ha!

      Terrific reviews are wonderful, stay on a roll!

      Sarge’s Mum got the Keith Richards’ book for Christmas, I plan to borrow it at some point!

      I’ve heard good things about The Help, so that’ll be in the next batch! 🙂

  2. Try “Still Alice” by Lisa Genova – a beautifully written book about a woman who suffers early onset Alzheimers. And “The Secret Life of Bees” and “The Mermaid Chair” by Sue Monk Kidd. I also read The Help and it was very good.

  3. I’ve heard ‘The Help’ is really good too but haven’t read it yet. ‘Room’ by Emma Donoghue is a book I really enjoyed. I read it in one sitting and dreamt about it for several nights afterwards. Happy reading!

  4. I love this idea, and Sherman Alexie crossed my mind just yesterday, so I’m going to second that suggestion because there’s just too much synchronicity to be ignored.

    I’m also humbled by this idea. I haven’t read a full book in too long.

  5. How about Clara and Mr. Tiffany? It’s a story about the women who worked for Tiffany’s stained glass studio. It’s really interesting and I’ve learned all sorts of interesting things. Also the book about Facebook, the name of which I’ve forgotten is really interesting. Shades of my youth, I will recommend The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand and Sister Carrie, by Theodore Drieser. I also can happily read junky romance novels! None of which rate a recommendation but which are a good way to get to sleep at night!

  6. Yay for book lovers! 100 books huh? That’s awesome. I have a MUCH smaller goal of 11 this year but the way I’m going, I might beat it. Not you though, you’re rocking. Have you read Wicked? That was surprisingly really fun to read. Not at all what I expected. My son is ripping though the Percy Jackson series and I’m trying to keep up. The first was really fun but I’m a mythology nerd.

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