100 Books Or Bust: Words And Wisdom

‘I enjoy books.  No room is fit for occupation without a lining of books.  They contain the condensed experiences of humanity.  To live fully, one has to read widely.  I do not intend to face a man-eating lion in the African veld, fall from an aircraft into the Arabian Sea, soar through outer space or march with the legions of Rome against Gaul or Carthage, yet books can take me to these places, to these predicaments.’

A Very Private Gentleman (filmed as The American), Martin Booth

When I was a kid and would announce to anyone who would listen that I was bored, my Nana would say, ‘Go read a book!’  So I did.

You should, too.



4 thoughts on “100 Books Or Bust: Words And Wisdom

  1. Our family had an Aunt Kitty. Before your Dad was born, she lived in your Dad’s room. She also loved books, and as a little girl she would always tell me “Books are your best friend” and she was right!

  2. I always took so much pride in my bookshelves being inhabited by a plethora of all different types of books. However, I’ve recently gotten a Kindle though and am slowly becoming converted thanks to cheaper Amazon prices. Definitely understand the tactile draw to a real book for reading fiction, but since I mostly read non-fiction I don’t really feel the same draw to the physical book as I did with fiction.

    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and subscribing. Hope you’ll keep reading 🙂


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