Missing Pen: Slightly Dented, Still Loved

My pen actually ran out of ink today.  I’m still writing down thoughts first thought on the island, and sometimes get carried away.

Sarge bought me a red Moleskine Daily Planner that I am using as a journal.  I need the lined paper.  Or else my writing runs away with itself.  It does that even on lined paper.  And even though I ‘need’ the lines, I still find myself running out of ink on envelopes and bank statements.  And envelopes with bank statements in them.  Making my finances more useful than they may be otherwise.

As yet another pen wrote its last words today, I thought of the pens of my past.  One in particular, still my favourite.

On my 18th birthday, my father gave me a green marble Waterman pen.  He said it was because my Grandmother had the blue version.  Instead of keeping it in its lovely box and drooling over it periodically, I actually used it.  A lot.  Back in those days I wrote poetry and stories by hand, and wasn’t happy until I stacked hundreds of pages while stretched out on the floor of my room upstairs or at my father’s childhood desk by my window in the same room.  I also remember using it to write in my journal about the day I got accepted at University and for letters to pen pals.

I took the pen off to University and wrote some love poems and lecture notes with it.  Most of the time I would write the poems in the lectures and so I kept the coveted pen in the bottom of my slightly less coveted bag.  One day I took it out, and I noticed that I chipped it.  I was actually devastated, until I realised I liked things better when they had character.

One night on the way home from the library I was in the back of a taxi with my open bag at my feet.  As I was leaving, I heard a thump and I picked up what I thought I’d dropped.

When I got to my room, I looked in the bag for the pen and it wasn’t there.  I tore the place apart, even looked in my text books. I had convinced myself that I hadn’t carted it around that day and it was somewhere in the room.  I called and asked the taxi company if anyone had turned it in.

‘A pen?’

‘Yes, a pen.’


And so my favourite pen exists somewhere in Dundee, or anywhere.  I hope it’s still making sweet lines wherever it is.

I think I’ll type the rest of today’s words.  What did you write today?  And what did you write with?  What’s the story of your pen?



13 thoughts on “Missing Pen: Slightly Dented, Still Loved

  1. I’m sorry you lost your pen. However, you did the right thing. I believe that cherished items are meant to be used and loved instead of sitting in a box. If they sit in a box their existence is wasted. Be happy you got so much use out of your pen. Oh, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who needs lined paper!

    1. Thanks! Considering this happened ten years ago, I should be over it. I’m not! Probably still has ink left, too. You’re right, we should use what we love. I hope someone found it, and is writing lovely words with it!

  2. I’ve never had a truly nice pen, but I love this story. You’re absolutely right that special things are meant to be used and get dents and dings, and maybe even get lost. The fact that it means so much today really speaks to how valuable it was to you.

    I enjoy Uniball pens, but they’re not exactly fancy. The ink is good and smooth, though. It gets the job done. Stick pens, like Bic, are the worst.

  3. That was a touching story….I had a favourite pen myself. It was my first Hero pen ( fountain pen) and I believed that I would always be successful in exams and competitions if I used that pen. In fact, I was so obsessed with it, that I refused to use any other pen. But one day I broke its nib and I was heartbroken. Only then did I start using other pens. I had it for over 6 years.

  4. Hi Lorna,
    I don’t write much any more, since I got a laptop and a printer.

    I really never wrote much, and I can say I never became attached to a pen. About the only time I wrote was when Brian and Susan were going to have a baby, and the month that baby was due, I started to write to it. I’d tell it what the weather was like, and what it’s Mom and Dad were doing, and when the big day arrived, I’d tell them the joy Uncle Don and I had at being grandparents, I wrote to each of those three Grandchildren every year on their birthdays, and told them what they did, and the gifts they received, and how they had grown, and all about themselves as I saw and knew them. Of course they were always wonderful. I did this for the first 17 years of their life, and then I gave them their book, of my thoughts and love I had for each of them. I don’t know what they ever did with their books, I hope they still have them, but I’ve never asked.

    Just about the time my first three Grandchildren were all 17, Karin and Jim were married, and soon started having their three boys, so I started putting my thoughts down on paper again, but my writing is so bad, that I type them up and print them. I have written, the three Birthdays they had last year, and better get them typed and in their books…….I don’t think I’ll make it to their 17th birthday, but at least they will have birthdays to remember as long as I can remember and get my thoughts and love down on paper.

  5. I write with a Lamy, metal. Love it. It uses ink cartridges, so it’s a fountain pen. My sweetie bought it for me for an anniversary present in my hometown of Toronto and it sits in a red leather pen-case. I’m a writer by trade and I love having something so practical, sensual and elegant to work with.

  6. I know this post is really, really old, but seriously – I hear you with the pens. My mother lent me a pen – it was an old metal Papermate, and it wrote so unbelievably smoothly. I kept borrowing it, so she ended up giving me two of them. Fast forward about a year, and you can no longer purchase them. They have been discontinued. Made the mistake of lending one to a friend in study hall (senior year of high school), and she apparently thought it belonged to the library, because she left it behind. I stopped in the next day when she told me that no, she didn’t have it, and they thought I was crazy to be chasing down a pen. The librarians didn’t have it either. I’m hoping someone put it to good use. I prefer the pen and paper to computer when writing, but am still in search of a good pen. I haven’t written anything in a while. Also – I still periodically check eBay for the amazing pens – every so often I see one pop up, but they have been in the area of $75 or so. I can’t justify that. That’s groceries.

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