What Does Love Sound Like To You?

This is what it sounds like to me:

1.       The laughter of people I love, especially when I make it happen.

2.       Popcorn popping.

3.       The noises the coffee machine makes while doing its thing.  I happen to think it sounds exactly like a zombie dying.  Not that I’d know exactly what that sounds like.

4.       My new favourite song.  Or old favourite songs.  But my new favourite song is pretty cool. It’s this one.

5.       Instances of friendly sarcasm, and creative swearing.

6.       Well-played bagpipes.

7.       Purposeful foot-steps.  In heels.  In the rain.

Popcorn by me.

8.       ‘Another home-run for the Mets.’

9.       Crickets.  And the sound of a screen door opening to a friend on a summer night.

10.   ‘Hello’. The best beginning there is.

Inspired by:  Top Ten Things I Love To Hear, List It Tuesday, and Art Every Day Month

22 responses to “What Does Love Sound Like To You?

  1. Bagpipes? Aren’t they the thing that people used to use to murder people that they didn’t like? Wait, perhaps that was accordions ….

  2. How does a zombie die? isn’t it dead?


    PS. i loved this post!

  3. oh yes! purposeful footsteps – i love that clack clack clack sound!

  4. I loved this post! Seriously! ^.^

    My favorites are 1, 5, & 7.

  5. Now I have to make myself popcorn for dinner! Seriously!

    Great list, Lorna!

  6. ooh. popcorn definitely. and slurping the last drop of rootbeer! great list idea! glad i found you!

    i’m listing this week too.

  7. Omg, I love this! Especially the bagpipes. My wife is mostly Italian and Scottish and I’ve heard my fair share of bagpipes and I think they’re beautiful.

    The laughter… Coffee brewing… This: “Crickets. And the sound of a screen door opening to a friend on a summer night.” all so TRUE!

  8. Love sounds like “do you need your coffee cup filled?”; “can I help you with anything”; “I can share this with you”; “could you help me?”. But the most love-filled sound is the silence in the room as we sit companionably together, each of us doing our own thing.

  9. What a creative post.. Loved it. :)

  10. Bloody gorgeous song. Sob!

    • I listen to it at least twice a day. First heard The Magnetic Fields version in a car on a road-trip. I really like that one, but I love PG’s!

  11. I am so grateful you found inspiration here!

    “Hello!” the best beginning… yes yes and more yes!!

  12. I love the sound of popcorn. I make mine on the stove top, so when I hear the oil start to sizzle, it’s so exciting to know that the good stuff isn’t far behind. The first few pings of kernels hitting the lid of the pot, and then the big pops all coming in rapid succession – it is the best.

  13. #9!! Swoon. I love the sound of a HOT TEXAS summer and my mom’s house has a screen door. Oh, how I miss it!!!

    Thanks for taking me down memory lane with that one :_

  14. what a great list, love the sound of hello.. especially when it is someone you weren’t expecting to hear from… and laughter.. those are two great ones! thanks for taking the 31 day challenge with me i hope it brings you great things for your site!
    shelley “the hostess”

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