This one’s bleak as hell…

The printer ran out of paper today.  I printed out two stories I’ve written in order to conduct an experiment.  I asked Sarge to read both, and whichever one he wanted to read more of would become my NaNoWriMo novel this year.

He finished both, held one up and said: This one’s bleak as hell.  While I think that ‘bleak’ has its place, I don’t want to sit with bleak for a month.  Because I’m not feeling it.  And so, I’m flying with the other one.

In the spirit of things, my weekend played out like a NaNo dare.

It included:

A broken filling (yes, one of the ones from the sadistic dentist)

An anniversary

A bonfire

A curry on the floor

You can use  those, if you wish.  All stories are different.


7 thoughts on “This one’s bleak as hell…

  1. NaNoWriMo has begun! *sings* I’m at 6.6k and counting, having so much fun!
    Good luck over there, m’dear =) (Sorry, that was weird. I don’t even know you. I’ll just shut up now, ‘kay?)

  2. I’ve never heard for this NaNoWriMo before today. Sounds like an interesting concept, but I certainly won’t have the time or mental capacity to participate this year. Perhaps sometime in the future. Or I’ll just hold my own NaNoWriMo when I want to. Cuz I’m a rebel like that, you know…

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