The Dentist

By the time I was 17, I’d had five years of braces, all four wisdom teeth taken out and two root canals, which were the result of my over-zealous orthodontist and his too-tight braces.  Anyway. Like lifts, if I were afraid of dentists, I’d be screwed.  I’m not afraid of them.  Even with all my … Continue reading The Dentist


Switch Off to Switch On

Remember when I said I couldn’t write in clutter?  Well, I’ll add to it.  I now believe the people who tell you not to write on a computer connected to the Internet.  Because writing doesn’t happen.  Facebook happens. I used to say I couldn’t write without music on, either.  Now when music is on, I … Continue reading Switch Off to Switch On

Feels Like Home

  Sarge and I went back to Glasgow for my best friend’s birthday dinner last weekend.  After my gift-buying mission was complete and we went here for more vanilla (and hazelnut and gingerbread) coffee syrup, we went to my favourite coffee shop in my old neighbourhood. I lived around the corner from it, and it … Continue reading Feels Like Home

My Top Ten Books & Authors

    I’m going to add this as a page, but I also thought it could be a post.   Some links contain spoilers, but they are there if you want to click them! (Some of) My favourite books: The Crow Road by Iain Banks The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger Great Expectations … Continue reading My Top Ten Books & Authors

You talkin’ to me?

I went to an interview type thing today.  This involved wearing something that isn’t a sweatshirt and getting on the bus. Now, regular readers will know that I am newish to this city.  And not the best with directions.  I travel with people so I don’t get lost.  I choose not to get lost.  I … Continue reading You talkin’ to me?