The Bridge, or How My Brain Works

I write because I can’t not write

I think in sentences

Sometimes, even with punctuation.

My favourite is !

When I write

I am the most myself

When I’m not writing

My brain tweaks a little bit

Just enough to say

Get back to it!

Connections are made

When there are words

On a page

In the world

In a story

Or in my brain

And I write

Because that’s how it works.

I’m participating in And Now You Write, and this poem is written from my notes on the first prompt/Ice-breaker.


3 thoughts on “The Bridge, or How My Brain Works

  1. I adore this, Lorna! Sometimes I catch myself narrating my life and I ask myself, “And how would this be if I wasn’t narrating?” That chronic writer inside me… so grateful you are a part of “And Now You Write”….

    1. Thanks, Julie! Glad to be part of it! And, have you seen Wonder Boys (film based on the book). It’s one of my favourites, and this is my favourite exchange:

      [Crabtree and a student drag James, hopped up on codeine, out of the auditorium]
      James Leer: The doors made so much noise!
      Grady Tripp: Is he all right?
      James Leer: It was so embarrassing! He had to be carried out.
      Terry Crabtree: He’s fine. He’s narrating.
      James Leer: They were going to the restroom. But would they make it in time?

      Watch it, if you haven’t already!

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