Ink from my notebook…

I am restless.  Before sitting down to write this I played Mafia Wars three times, brushed my teeth twice, drank two cups of coffee, ate a bagel, turned on music, turned off the washing machine, did some laps around the house, thought of poems I’ve written about procrastination and wondered if this is another one, turned the music off and sat down to write this.


The above word-splurge is what happens when you can’t leave the house because you are waiting for a workman to come and fix something in it, and actual ink from my actual notebook.


3 thoughts on “Ink from my notebook…

    1. Hello! Haven’t actullay been near the computer long enough to get them all out. Just got it in my head to type this out seconds after I wrote it. Longer pieces from Monday at the latest, and because I’ve been doing stuff, there are more posts in the queue/on deck!

      I promise I’m more verbose than I have been. Ha!

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