Hello, World! Is this thing on?

A few days after I turned 29, I made a list.  This blog is not about that list.

On the list are things I want to do/work on before I turn 30.  Item 13 is: Start a public blog.   Never mind that I wanted to call it something else, and then something else.  Months after I wrote the list, the blog is called Gin & Lemonade, and here it is.  I think I’ll add: Don’t Procrastinate to any lists I make in the future.

For a few years now I’ve thought, I live my life, so I don’t have to write about it.  But stuff keeps happening.  And I want to write about it.

This blog is about me.  And my life.  The fact that I use a wheelchair and live in not the most accessible city in the world is only one part of it.  Or is that two parts?  I was never good at Math.  That’s another part.

And yes, I drink Gin & Lemonade.  And other things.  Like coffee.  But never at the same time.  Gin, lemonade and coffee would be too much.  Or would it?

I’m very likely to be drinking coffee while writing blog posts.  That can be taken as a warning, or as fact.

For other random or not-so random facts, you’ll just have to read along.




9 thoughts on “Hello, World! Is this thing on?

  1. Maybe gin in the coffee would be okay – if not, baileys in coffee definitely is 😉

    Really like the colour scheme and design!

    1. Yes, Baileys and coffee is always a good answer!

      Thanks for my first comment, Sarah!

      I’m playing around with backgrounds and things, but I like this set up so far!

  2. Can I just tell you I love you? Really, I do. I also love that you are doing this and will definitely be notified when you write again. You have a great style and a nice way of turning a phrase, my dear. xoxox

  3. finally getting around to checking out the bloggers who subscribed to me last month after getting FP’d. Have had a read of a few of your posts and like what Ive seen. Very readable and quite funny. Have subscribed to your future posts.


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