I Don’t Get Work/Life Balance

And so, I have a new day-job.  I mostly work from home.  More on that later.

This is my official spiel:

Lorna is a wheelchair-user, who travels extensively at home and abroad. She is an American who has lived in Scotland for 20 years, so she isn’t really sure where home is, though.

She is fueled by coffee and creativity and is a recent convert to bubble tea.

Proof of Barcelona.  And bubble tea.

Proof of Barcelona. And bubble tea.

Her favourite travel experiences have included a solo Amtrak journey from New York to Seattle and back, Hogmanay on Raasay, gin and lemonade in Florence, and her honeymoon in Bruges and Barcelona.

Her professional interest in accessible travel began on the night she found herself sleeping on a bathroom floor at an airport outside of Paris. She thinks Paris and Shakespeare are overrated but she loves Shakespeare and Company bookshop. She’d like to visit all the bookshops in the world, and maybe even open one.

Lorna’s more realistic goals include writing books in an open-plan but cosy cottage on Skye and/or counting penguins in Antarctica.

She used to be the Equality and Diversity Assistant at VisitScotland. As the Customer Support Manager here *at new place*, (site still in development) she will be available to answer all your questions on how to get the most out of our site, as well as any general travel enquiries you may have. Just please don’t ask her where she’s from!

*Photo courtesy of my husband, who is actually in it.  Tea from wow!boba 

What do you do?  What do you want to do?

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14 responses to “I Don’t Get Work/Life Balance

  1. When were you in SEATTLE?!

    And what’s your favorite flavor of bubble tea? I can’t believe it’s made it all the way to Spain. Being Taiwanese, I’d take credit for it, but my only claim to bubble tea fame is that these days I look like I’ve been drinking way too much of it ;(
    PS: Great picture of you, BTW.

    • For a month in ’06, visiting a friend. Want to go back!

      I like strawberry/kiwi, and taro/coconut. Now I want tea with you!

      Thank you, it’s a new favourite.

  2. Oooh where did you get your bubble tea in Barcelona? In fact have you got any must go places in Barca? I’m off on Sunday and am woefully disorganised but looking forward to it! x

  3. Congratulations on the new gig! Also, that’s such a great picture. Marriage certainly agrees with you, not that there was ever any question on that.
    If I believed in such a thing as coincidence, I would tell you what a groovy coincidence it is that I just came from the dentist where I zoned out and started thinking about what I would be doing if I could do anything but my current day job and I remembered our bookstore / coffee shop.

  4. I have heard of Bubble Tea but have never tried it. I would love to visit Scotland! This poor girl has never been off the east coast! UGH!!

  5. I just can’t get over the bubble tea beads that are in there. Maybe I need to give the right flavor a try? What’s your favorite? I am looking forward to following along on your new ‘not the flu’ journey!

  6. I left my teaching career last year to start my own business and other work from home opportunities. Teaching was just too hard on my migraines. Now, I am an online tutor, full-time blogger, and Etsy shop owner. It definitely keep me busy but I’m also healthier. :) {stopping by from SITS}

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